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What material works best for my horse?
December 3, 2018 Trust Equestrian

What material works best for my horse?

The handcrafted and anatomically shaped bits of TRUST are designed and produced in the Netherlands, in Oisterwijk to be precise, a small city in the province of Brabant. 
A signature feature of the bits is the TRUST logo that is visible on both sides of the bit. The TRUST bits are manufactured in three different materials: “Sweet Iron, Inno Sense and leather.” So how do you know which one is best suited for your horse?
In this blog we give you more insight in the various types of materials the TRUST bits are made of, so that you, after reading this blog, have a better idea which type of TRUST bit is the best fit for your horse.

Sweet Iron

The Sweet Iron bits of TRUST are excellent for horses that are not (always) willing to accept the bit. The Sweet Iron bits of TRUST are known for their unique blue colour. This blue colour creates a surface rust that tastes sweet and is developed through contact with (air)humidity. This stimulates the natural saliva production. The horse will salivate more, which results in a better acceptance of the bit.

Inno Sense
For young horses and horses with a sensitive mouth, the bits in the Inno Sense line are particularly suitable. The bits Inno Sense bits are made of an elastic synthetic material. The synthetic material is FDA approved, which means the material does not contain plasticizers and is non-toxic. The bit lets young horses get familiar with pressure in the mouth in a pleasant manner. The bits of the Inno Sense line can be divided into four groups.

– Inno Sense Flexi Soft
– Inno Sense Mullen
– Inno Sense Medium port
– Inno Sense Hard port

Inno Sense Flexi soft bits incorporate a flexible mouthpiece. The bit has a flexible metal core. Horses ridden with a flexible mouthpiece follow the hand easily and accept the bit quickly. Bits with a flexible mouthpiece can be used for all horses yet are a particularly good choice for horses with a sensitive mouth. The bits of the Inno Sense line are not suitable for strong horses or horses with a hard mouth.

The Inno Sense Mullen is a straight bar that bends forward lightly. It is harder than the Inno Sense Flexi soft, but because of the synthetic material also suited for horses with a sensitive mouth. The bit has a rigid core that makes the Mullen bar not flexible, yet the material around it gives the bit a soft touch.

The Inno Sense Medium port is slightly harder than the flexi soft. This bit is suitable for horses with a thick or sensitive tongue. The mouthpiece has a port that creates space for the tongue and decreases the pressure on the centre of the horse’s tongue. The slightly flexible mouthpiece makes it a friendly bit. The bit is a popular choice for horses with a tongue problem.

And finally, there is the Inno Sense hard port bit. This bit is slightly harder than the medium port. Because of the shape, the middle of the tongue is more relieved. This bit is hardly flexible.

Leather bits
Besides the materials Sweet Iron and Inno Sense, we have the leather TRUST bits. Our leather TRUST bits are particularly suitable for horses with a sensitive mouth. The reason for this is the flexibility of the bit in combination with the taste of the leather. The saliva production softens the leather bit and makes it more pleasant for the horse. The bits are provided with a core of reinforced nylon. The leather is handstitched around the core and naturally tanned without any chemicals. Our experience at TRUST taught us that especially highly sensitive mares accept this bit very well.