Loose ring vs Eggbut cheekpiece

Loose ring vs Eggbut cheekpiece
February 15, 2022 Trust Equestrian

Loose ring or Eggbut cheekpiece?

When you want to ride your horse with a simple snaffle there are different options in which cheekpiece you can choose. The most standard options are the Loose Ring or the Eggbut. Most horse people will know what the different cheekpieces look like, but what are the actual differences? There are many different variables and factors to take into consideration when choosing a bit, because every horse reacts differently. In this blog we explain the differences and help you to choose the right bit for your horse.

Loose ring

This cheekpiece has loose rings which allows the bit to move more freely in the mouth so that many horses accept this bit well. Because of the loose rings, the aid of the rider is conveyed indirectly. Because of the movement from the bit it is possible that the lips of the horse can get stuck in between the cheekpiece and mouthpiece, therefore it is advisable to provide the bit with bit rings.

When to choose for the loose ring cheekpiece

When  you do not experience any specific problems and are looking for a friendly cheekpiece for your horse, the loose ring cheekpiece might be the perfect fit. Next to that, the loose ring is suitable for horses that lean too much on a bit with fixed rings. Also when you as a rider do not have a steady hand yet, it is recommended to choose for the loose ring, because of the indirect working of the aids.


As the rings of the Eggbut cannot move separately from each other, the riders aid is conveyed directly. This means when the rider takes the reins, the horse will directly feel the movement of the bit in his mouth. The Eggbut gives direct contact and stability in the horse’s mouth. Next to that the Eggbut gives more pressure on the cheek of the horse which helps the horse to steer more effectively by automatically pushing the horse’s head in the right direction. In addition, this cheekpiece does not pinch the corners of the horse’s mouth so bit rings are not necessary.

When to choose for the Eggbut

The Eggbut might be a good choice with a horse that needs stability in his mouth to gain trust in the bit. The Eggbut can also be a solution for young horses who are difficult to steer and have difficulties in accepting contact. Next to that the Eggbut could be suitable for horses that easily get wounds in the mouth or horses that fiddle a lot in the mouth.

The differences at a glance:

Loose ring Eggbut
Free movement in the mouth Stable in the mouth
Aids are conveyed indirectly Aids are conveyed directly
Less pressure on the cheek More pressure on the cheek
Bit rings are advisable to prevent lips from getting stuck

Bit rings are not necessary