Winter rug of TRUST

The eternal search for the perfect rug comes to an end
December 7, 2017 Trust Equestrian

The eternal search for the perfect rug comes to an end

Have you still not found the ideal winter rug? Does a small rug cause chaffing and pressure point marks in the shoulder or withers area? The perfect solution presents itself now. Read on and discover how you help your horse through the winter carefree.

Unique innovative solution

The designers at Trust noticed that many riders encounter problems in finding the perfect winter rug. Many horses develop pressure and chafe marks at the withers and shoulders due to rugs that have little room to move. As a rider, you would like to prevent these rub marks and sores; since you want to help your horse through the winter in the most comfortable way. The designers at TRUST want to end these problems and turned it into a mission to develop high quality winter rugs. The end result is a rug with the innovative TETRIS®-system. So innovative, that this design even won the Equitana Innovation Award. The TETRIS®-system consists of soft blocks that create a tunnel effect at the withers that causes the rug to rest freely and stable around the neck and withers. This gives the horses additional room for movement at the neck and withers and keeps the rug securely on without slipping, preventing pressure and chafe marks.

More benefits 

Besides the innovative TETRIS®-system, the winter rug of TRUST provides even more advantages.
• Extra comfort and fully waterproof: The rugs is made of breathing and fully waterproof material. This creates the perfect climate underneath the rug, keeping your horse dry and warm without sweating. In addition, the lining is made of a skin-friendly and smooth fabric to guarantee an extra comfortable fit and that the rug will not irritate.
• Super strong: Does your horse have a playmate in the field? Then you no longer have to worry about a ripped rug. The winter rugs of TRUST can with stand a beating. They are made of 1200 denier ripstop, which is twice as strong as the average winter rug.

Find your ideal TRUST winter rug
Your search for the perfect winter rug comes to an end if you choose for a TRUST rug. The TRUST rugs are available in the sizes 125 up to 205 and in the colours brown, grey and navy and the designs stable and outdoor. Furthermore, you have choice between the medium or heavy version.